OC Register - Love, Sex, Unity

Our Exhibit opening weekend begins Friday May 3rd , and continues with an AIDS Walk after party Saturday May 4th, both days from 6 to 10pm. The Exhibit is FREE and open to the public, and EVERYONE, regardless of their personal position on this issue is welcome. The art will not be explicit and we are not accepting work which has the intention of shaming those that voted for Proposition 8. We intend to elevate LOVE and to connect people by those things which they have in common.

Prop 8 will not survive the decade no matter what this show or anyone else does. It will be aged out. My father’s generation, which voted for 8 in overwhelming numbers, are being replaced by young people at the voting booths who do not find their LGBT friends any less deserving than they are. But I'm not feeling very patient. We can end Prop 8 this year and without a costly ballot measure. No one wants to be on the wrong side of history, especially judges, and with this show we start a dialog prior to the Supreme Court deciding the fate of Prop 8 in summer or fall, and that dialog begins with our resound statement telling them, “If you lost Fullerton, you lost the State!”

Thanks to the generosity of so many talented local artists (please see our home page at for a list of artists) who continue to step up for these exhibits that further social justice, and big players like Masterpiece Publishing who will have two giants in the art world represented, we will have a world class art on exhibit, that part is covered. But for this exhibit to be a success, we need to build positive interest in the press and get big numbers to show up on opening weekend. We also need to sell art as we are raising money for AIDS WALK Orange County, which takes place at Disneyland the morning after our opening. Not everyone likes what we are doing, I wish I would say the response has universally has all been positive, so if you are on our side, please show us support by joining our Art With An Agenda AIDS walk team or donating to our AIDS Walk page.

If we do all these things, then amongst the many other accomplishments of the exhibit, we will also have demonstrated that this was in part A New Fullerton’s amends for having given the world Senator John V. Briggs, as well as the official retaking of this city’s course toward a new, more loving, accepting, generous, and creative North. ( if you are unfamiliar with Sen Briggs, Google him and H. Milk; he is what the wrong side of history looks like)
Thanks for the support.

Viva Art, Viva The Magoski Arts Colony and Viva Love!